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Shocks And Struts Limit The Bumps Of Driving

Shocks and StrutsShocks and struts.

What most people know about their car’s shocks and struts is that they are the parts that keep the car running smoothly over the most bumpy and pothole-filled roads. But most people don’t understand exactly how shocks and struts operate and whether they need to be replaced or not.

Unlike many other parts of a car, when we hear that the shocks or struts need to be replaced, we often question whether it is worth the investment. Understanding exactly what these parts do will help you to determine whether to ask your auto shop to complete the repair or not. First of all, shocks don’t absorb the bumps in the road. Are you “shocked”? In actuality, the springs are what absorb the bumps as we drive over them. The role of the shocks is to keep the springs from bouncing the car around as they absorb the road conditions. In essence, the shocks keep the car under control from the bouncing of the springs. Shocks are just one part of the strut assembly. Struts are the complete device that keeps does the shock absorption and may include a strut bearing, a steering knuckle, the shock absorber, spring seats and a coil spring. The shocks are generally the most commonly serviced part of the strut assembly.

You will know when your car needs new struts or shocks by it’s performance. You may experience the front end severely lowering when you brake, vehicle bouncing or sliding on rough roads, or your car may “bottom out” on bumps when the strut assembly can’t adapt to the changes in the road. It is critical to have your car care center in Cleveland look at your shocks and struts if you experience any of these situations as you can experience problems with your car because of it. With poor shocks and struts, your tires may wear out prematurely, and additional stress may be put on your steering linkage, springs, CV joints and ball joints. All of these repairs can lead to expensive repairs that could have been prevented.

If your car is running roughly over the road, then taking it in to be serviced by a car mechanic in Cleveland is a wise choice. Making sure that your struts and shocks are working correctly is the key to a comfortable ride and long wearing tires and steering parts. For more information on correct shock and struts for your car, contact your local complete car care center in Strongsville, Cleveland, Akron, Parma Heights or Medina.

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