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Tricky Transmission Troubles

There are few car repairs that can cause more consternation among car owners than transmission repairs.

TransmissionAn intrinsic part of your car’s ability to travel, having a transmission that works properly is important. If you are thinking you are having problems with your transmission, read on to see if your tricky transmission might have a simple solution.

• What does the transmission do? Overall, the purpose of the transmission is to shift the gears for you as you increase or decrease your speed. While manual transmission cars let you do it yourself, an automatic transmission includes a variety of parts and fluid to relive you of the shifting duty. Car mechanics say that a transmission includes a filter which cleans the fluid that circulates through the gears, a red fluid that keeps things lubricated, and a variety of different sized gears that allow you to change speed.

• Where is the transmission? Automobile maintenance specialists say to look for a bell housing – a large, round metal cover that will be under the car for rear wheel drive or on the side of the engine for front wheel drive models.

• How will I know if there is a problem? If your car simply won’t move forward, then you can be relatively sure that there is a problem with the transmission. Transmission repair services also say that if there is a delay when you pull your foot off of the brake pedal, as if your car just doesn’t want to go forward, then you might be on the verge of a problem.

• What should I do if I think there is a problem? Mechanics at Cleveland, Akron and Lorain car repair shops say that the first place to start is to look for a puddle of red fluid under your car. Transmission fluid leads can cause problems with your car’s ability to shift between gears. If you do need fluid, car mechanics caution that you should use the transmission fluid that is specifically designed for your car. You can find that information in your owner’s manual. If you do not believe that your transmission is leaking, then the next step is to take it to a reputable car mechanic. They can test drive it and quickly determine what the problem is.

The transmission of your car is what allows you to drive forward. Since being stranded is no fun, if you believe you are having a problem with your transmission, don’t wait until it fails. Take your car to your local Rad Air for an analysis of the problem today!

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