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Since 1975, Rad Air has been a complete car care center servicing Cleveland, Akron, and Northeast Ohio. Like your physician, we know your car inside and out. So how do you know when to go to the doctor? Your body tells you. Your automobile is just the same. The automotive technicians at Rad Air will evaluate the long-term health of your car and address current problems before they impact your daily routine. Your car is an important part of your life. Life moves quickly and no one wants unexpected car trouble impacting their busy lifestyle.

Daily car care is knowing how your car should look, feel, smell, and sound. Like your annual physical, your car requires proactive automotive service and screenings to determine any undermining problems. At Rad Air, we care about the health and maintenance of your car. We are committed to providing your family with complete car care and car repair.

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Seasonal Car Care & Maintenance

Even if you aren’t an auto mechanic, there are a few simple checks you can make each day to ensure your car is in good health. These straightforward seasonal inspections can be the difference between your safety and your car’s good health. Consult your Owner’s Manual for maintenance information that is specific to your vehicle.

Winter Car Care Tips
In Northeast Ohio, we’re experts when it comes to cold blustery winters and snow fall. A complete safety inspection and performing scheduled maintenance “tune up” before Old Man Winter arrives is an important step that car owners often overlook as they begin their winter season. Icy wet roads demand good tires for traction. Be sure to inspect your tires prior to the first snowfall.

Checking your fluids, especially windshield washer fluid can improve the safety of your travel during the winter season. Summer mix washer fluid will freeze in winter. Special de-icing washer fluids are available that can help clear the ice and prevent re-freezing.

Along with a cell phone, create a winter emergency kit for every car in your family. Kits should include first aid supplies, warm blankets or clothes, a spare set of gloves, boots, hat, flashlight, flares, ice scraper, spare medication, water, and nonperishable snacks.

Inspecting and changing your engine air filter and cabin air filter is an important maintenance issue. During the summer and fall contaminants can clog your air filters and pose big problems to your engine and comfort.
Spring Car Care Tips
During the harsh winter in Northeast Ohio, your car is exposed to excess moisture, road salt and liquid road salt brine. Begin your spring car care by having the vehicle cleaned and washed to remove all of the salt you can.

An undercarriage and under-hood wash is a great investment in your vehicle’s long term health. A vehicle wax and / or full detail will make your vehicle look like new and protect your investment for years to come.

Additionally, spring is a good time to test your battery, lights, blinkers and other electrical components.

Each season you should check the tread depth and pressure in your tires. Temperature changes can impact your tire’s psi. Be sure to inflate your tires properly according to your Owner’s Manual.

Remember to remove items that are specific to winter driving. Snow tires, chains, winter supplies like salt and shovels can be left at home for the next few months.
Summer Car Care Tips
Summer is the perfect time to give your car a thorough cleaning. Empty any storage compartments and your trunk removing everything that isn’t essential. Inspect the body of your vehicle and search for rust, missing or damaged parts.

Give your car a good wash and apply a coat of wax. Summer is the perfect time to scrub winter salt stains and debris from your carpets and interior.
Fall Car Care Tips
Fall is a great time to prep your car for cooler weather. Important fall inspections include checking your air and cabin filter(s) for debris, and examining your heater/defroster. Turn on the heater and be sure it heats thoroughly and the fans are working properly. Test your front and rear defrost.

Additionally, be sure your wiper blades are clearing water and ice. If wiper blades are worn, replace promptly. Change out your washer fluid to a winter mix.

These seasonal inspections and checks can prevent an unexpected breakdown on the side of the road and reduce the need for auto repair throughout the life of your car. Remember that the expert automotive technicians at your local Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center are available to help you care for your vehicle, from ongoing preventative maintenance like tire checks and wheel alignments to handling the most challenging automotive repairs. For questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our team.