Is My Transmission Going Bad?

Transmission Repair

Just thinking about a car transmission going bad can cause a car owner’s heart to beat a little faster. If the transmission on your car fails, it can literally cost more to have it repaired than the car is worth. How can you tell if a transmission is going bad? Here are a few signs of transmission problems to consider:

• Drips. If you notice that your car is dripping a red fluid, that is most likely transmission fluid. Check on the ground where your car is normally parked. If you find that you have more than a few small drops, you may need transmission repair in a hurry. If your fluid is low, you can add transmission fluid to your car in order to protect it from damage while you drive it to the auto mechanic.

• Shifts. When you are driving, the shifting between gears in an automatic transmission car should operate almost silently and imperceptibly. If you are having problems with your transmission, you may notice that there are vibrations or hesitancy when shifting through different gears as you drive. An auto mechanic with complete car care service expertise will be able to advise you about the problem and determine what type of transmission repair can get you back on the road.

• Stalling. When your transmission doesn’t have enough fluid, you may experience it stalling at red lights or stop signs. Though it should start right back up, taking your car to an auto shop for repair is key as your transmission lines may be leaking and may need to be replaced. Though still not a small repair, getting new transmission lines can make sure that your transmission is getting the fluid it needs to operate and can be less costly than an entirely new transmission or rebuild.

• Fluid color.Transmission fluid that has come from an overheated transmission isn’t generally red; it will appear dark brown or black as a result of being exposed to high temperatures. If you find that your transmission fluid isn’t maintaining its red color, then it is time to get your car in for repair.

While there are few car repairs that are more nerve-wracking than transmission failure, there are more solutions than simply replacing the transmission. Transmission problems can be solved with a range of solutions including adding more transmission fluid, replacing the transmission lines so that the fluid is circulating properly, or completely replacing or rebuilding the full transmission. Though there are multiple options, it is important to make sure that you take your car to a reputable auto repair shop that specializes in transmission repair to make sure that you are getting the proper repair to bring new life to your transmission.

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