Why is My Car So Noisy?

Today’s cars have sophisticated systems for making sure that they emit the lowest amount of noise.

Noisy Car Muffler

But, if your compact car sounds more like a Mack truck than a fuel-efficient ride, then you might be having a problem with your exhaust system. Keeping your exhaust system functioning is more important than simply eliminating annoying noise levels – it can even effect your health and safety. Having a quiet car means that you can talk on the phone, listen to music and enjoy chatting with other passengers. The quiet that you enjoy can be ended if you are having a problem with your exhaust system.

• Finding the problem in an exhaust system can range from easy to challenging. The first option that auto repair shops in Cleveland will evaluate would be if there is any obvious rust on the muffler or other parts. Living in our cold climate exposes the underside of every car to snow, salt, dirt and water on a regular basis – the perfect concoction for rust to develop. In addition, condensation can build up inside the exhaust pipes, causing oxidation from the inside out.

• As rust eats away at the muffler and other parts, the oxidation can cause holes to develop, which makes your car sound noisier. While you may be tempted to just drive around sounding a bit louder than usual, auto mechanics will tell you that once oxidation has started, it will not stop. In fact, the longer you avoid seeing a car mechanic, the more damage may be done to your entire system.

• Noise isn’t the only problem. When you allow your exhaust system to degrade, you may be putting yourself and your passengers at risk. Depending on where your leak is, it may ignite the insulation sandwiched between the bottom of the interior of your car and the chassis, causing a serious fire hazard. Remember that the goal of the exhaust system is to move those hazardous gases away from your car, so when there are holes you are also running the risk of hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions leaking into the passenger compartment and causing illness.

As you can see, making sure that your exhaust system is working correctly is more than just keeping your noise level down. With the risk of fumes and fire, taking your car to one of Rad Air’s complete car care center in your nearby Rad Air location is the best way to make sure that your car is a safe and comfortable ride for you, your friends and family.

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