Safe Winter Driving: Slipping on Ice

December 13, 2011

How to Regain Control when You Slip on Ice

Sometimes, slipping on ice is inevitable. Even the most expensive vehicle with ABS brakes and four-wheel drive will slip if the conditions are right. The key to staying in control during a skid is controlling your emotions.

Don’t panic! Panicking is the single worst thing you can do in a situation like this.

Here’s how to recover from slipping on ice:

If you suspect your vehicle is skidding, immediately remove your foot from the accelerator, but DO NOT touch your brakes. This could correct the problem immediately. Braking during a skid can cause you to spin out of control.

If you continue to slide and begin to fishtail (when the back end of your car slides to the left or right), you should carefully turn into the direction your rear end is moving. For example: if your rear end slides and slips to the right, carefully turn your steering wheel to the right and gently press the accelerator. This should straighten the car out and re-balance the vehicle.

It is common for the rear to swing back in the other direction. Again, do not panic or press the brakes. Continue to turn in the direction of your rear end and gently press the accelerator. You can recover from this situation with calm, controlled movements.

If you suspect you may have hit something or have been in an accident, wait until the car comes to a complete stop and you inspect the surrounding road conditions before getting out. Be aware of down power lines and oncoming cars which can also skid and possibly hit you. Call the police if there has been an accident

And there you have it…you’ll be a winter driving pro! Check out these articles to learn how to winterize your locks and how to winterize your windshield. Being prepared will save you money and help you avoid a trip to the auto mechanic.

Happy Driving!

Check out this video on what not to do on slippery roads.