Rad Air Tire Replacement

Rad Ride of the Month: February

Sleek & Stylish Scion Visits Our Auto Shop.

Adam Wilson is a student at Case Western Reserve University and the proud owner of this boxy blue Scion xB. We were impressed by how well this young man takes care of his vehicle. Adam enjoys photography and his Scion is the gorgeous model in front of his camera. Check out some of these cool photos he has taken:

Unlike last month’s Rad Ride, this Scion has few modifications. Adam did replace the grills and side vents, added 18″ rims with low-profile tires (for spring and summer driving only!) and an aftermarket sound system. He plans on replacing his taillights with LED lights this spring.

Here’s what Adam has to say about his car:

“I like that it’s not just a regular sedan, but it doesn’t drive like a typical hatchback. It’s just different. I’ve seen a lot of xB’s that are really tricked out, but I always think they look clunky and over-the-top. Like’s it’s Christmas and they have one too many blow-up Santas on their lawn. I think my car looks stylish without being over-exaggerated.”

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