Car Care Tip: Spruce up for Spring

March 14, 2012

Tips from the Auto Mechanics for Spring Cleaning Your Interior

Do you have spring fever yet? We do! Even though we’ve had a very mild winter, we’re still itching for spring. So in the spirit of the changing seasons, we suggest tidying up the cab for a fresher driving experience.

Sometimes clearing out the clutter in your vehicle, can make your vehicle feel brand new. There are other added benefits of course…and yes, we’ll tell you all about them:

1. First and foremost, remove the clutter and vacuum. Vacuuming will remove dirt and debris, but will also get rid of dust, allergens, and dirt which may be contaminated with pesticides, gasoline or other irritants.

2. Use a damp sponge/cloth soaked in a very mild soap and water detergent and wipe down your vehicle’s interior. Dirt and grime are abrasive and can cause scratches in your floor mats, seats and more. Get rid of it to remove germs, odors and other sorts of nastiness. 🙂

3. Clean leather seats with a leather cleaner and consider using a leather protector to prevent the seats from drying out.

4. Use carpet cleaner on fabric seats to get rid of those pesky stains.

5. Blast the floor mats with a hose. If you’re feeling motivated, use a scrub brush and soapy water to make them look brand new.

Whether you’re in Akron, Strongsville or Solon, all of us in Northeast Ohio have had a pretty nice winter….but it’s finally time to get back outside. Enjoy the fresh air this week and spend some time preparing your car for spring!

What do you do to get your vehicle ready for spring? Tell us in the comments section below!