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Ohioans should check tire pressure more often than they think!

As temperature changes, so does tire pressure.

Maintaining proper tire pressure will help improve gas mileage, safety, and the overall driveability of your vehicle. Tire pressure changes drastically with the temperature, so it is crucial to check your pressure at least once a month and even more often when there are drastic changes in the temperature. Tire pressure changes by 1 pound per square inch for every 10 degree change in outside temperature.

Tires are one of the most important safety components on your vehicle. Improper tire pressure compromises the vehicle’s ability to make turns, brake and maintain stability on the road. If tire pressure is too high, less rubber meets the road which reduces traction and stability. If you feel like you are bouncing around the road or your stopping distances have increased, check your tire pressure right away.

If your tire pressure is too low, more of the tire touches the ground which causes more friction and heat. This heat can decrease the life of the tire, but can cause a more serious issue of tread separation which can lead to tire failure or an accident. If you hear a squeaking noise while making turns, your pressure may be too low.

The proper tire pressure for your vehicle is typically listed inside the driver’s side door panel but can also be found in the owner’s manual or inside the glove compartment. Always refer to the door panel or the owner’s manual for proper pressure amounts and never rely on the numbers written on the tires. The numbers on the tire indicate the maximum pounds per square inch recommended for the tire. Consider keeping a pressure gauge in your glove compartment for easy access while on the road. Many gas stations and car washes provide air pumps for this reason.

If you believe you may need a tire repair, brake job or new tires, schedule an appointment with any Rad Air location for help. We pride ourselves on taking care of Northeast Ohio’s families and vehicles and are more than willing to answer your questions about tires, wheels and brakes. Visit our online Resource Center and Tire Maintenance 101 for more information.

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Paul removes corrosion from an aluminum wheel/rim caused by Cleveland’s winter weather. Here he is preparing to mount a new tire.

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