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Car Care Tip: Top 5 Tips for Fall

Auto Mechanics Deliver Five Car Tips for Autumn cleveland, oh, akron, ohio, wax, fall, autumn, rad air, radair, car, care, tips

It certainly feels like fall! As temperatures start to drop and leaves begin to change, drivers should consider preparing their vehicles for changing driving conditions. Here are our top tasks to help you transition your vehicle.

1. Tires, tires, tires. Check the tread and decide whether its time to replace tires. If you need help, ask your service writer or technician about the age & condition of the tires. A trustworthy shop like Rad Air can help you determine if you need a new set and which ones are best for you & your wallet.

2. Change the washer fluid & wiper blades. Streaking & noisy wiper blades are more than annoying; they’re dangerous. Make sure washer fluid is approved for temperatures below zero & invest in a good set of wiper blades designed for heavy rain, snow & ice. Both of these items will help you to see in inclement weather!

3. Preventative Maintenance: Check your fluid levels & make a note of any leaks. Examine your belts & hoses and check for any wear and tear. On your next oil change, ask your mechanic to check your battery, brakes, heater & defroster. You will rely on these systems as temperatures begin to drop.

4.  Wax before winter! Road salt can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s exterior. Take time this autumn to give it a good wash & wax before it gets too cold out (when you won’t want to do it!). Waxing will keep your car looking new & protect it from corrosion caused by road salt.

5.  Clean it out! Now that summer is behind us, fall is the perfect time to get ride of unnecessary junk in the car. Take out the golf clubs, fishing gear & other items which found a permanent home in your car this summer.  This will also help improve your gas mileage!

What other things do you do in the fall to take care of your car?  Leave us a comment on our Facebook page

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