Women Auto Know: Car Safety for Growing Families

April 10, 2014

By: Brittany Gumucio

Administrative Assistant & Brand Manager at Rad Air. Wife and Auntie to 7 adorable kiddos. Bowling Green grad and choco-holic.

My best friend is due to have her first baby this week. I could not be more excited so I decided to choose a safety topic for growing families. I want all of my loved ones and their families to be safe on the road. This means making sure kids are safely buckled-in and the car is organized to prevent distracted driving.

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Car Seats & Booster Seats

According to 21st Century Insurance, as many as 73% of car seats are not installed properly. Did you know you could have your child’s car seat inspected for free? Visit this website to schedule a free appointment at an Inspection Station near you. This ensures the seat is properly installed and will perform as designed in the event of a fender bender.

Children should ride in a rear-facing seat for as long as possible depending on their height, weight and the limits of your car seat. Children under 4 years old or 40 pounds must use a car seat. According to State of Ohio law, children under 8 years old or 4 feet 9 inches must use a booster seat. Booster seats raise children up so the shoulder belt fits properly. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that using a booster seat reduces the risk of accident injury by 59%.

Car Organization

Keeping your vehicle clean and organized is a tough job for most parents. You have a lot to worry about and keeping a clean car isn’t always the top priority! However, an organized car reduces distractions. Here are a few of my favorite car organizing tips:

  • Use an oil cloth bag for toy and book storage in the backseat. Tie the handles around the headrest of the front seats to keep it in place.

  • Use a plastic cereal dispenser as a trash can. Fit the cereal dispenser with a plastic bag and empty it when it’s full!

  • Keep your roadside emergency supplies and other items in a canvas bin in the trunk. Make sure to add a towel, sun block, wipes, first aid kit and more.

Car Maintenance

Finally, make sure to follow the recommended maintenance services as prescribed in your Owner’s Manual or by your automotive service professional. Not only does regular maintenance like oil changes keep your car in good running condition, they can also be a good time to talk to your auto mechanic about any problems or repairs that may be needed in the future. Make sure you know how much life is left on those brakes, when you need to replace your tires and more.

What other car tips do you have for growing families? Send them to us at contact@radair.com or share with us on Facebook