Car Care Tip: How to De-Winterize!

May 5, 2014

How To Prepare Your Car for Spring and Summer in Ohiocar care tip

Now that spring has officially arrived and there is no snow in sight (we hope!), consider following these simple tasks to de-winterize your car!

Wash Winter Away

Make sure to get all of the road salt & chemicals off of your car by giving it a good wash at home or going to a local car wash. Make sure to rinse off the underside of your car and the wheel-wells where salt corrodes different parts and components.

Change Your Wiper Blades

If you had a set of snow or ice wiper blades put on during winter, switch to regular or beam-style wiper blades designed to quickly push rain water off or your windshield. Winter blades are made of softer compounds and will wear out quickly in the summer heat.

Get an Alignment and Wheel Balance

Cleveland Akron winters are notorious for deep potholes. Hitting a pothole can do severe damage, bend parts, rims and knock off wheel weights. Even small potholes and regular driving conditions can cause your suspension to come out of alignment and wheels to come out of balance. Ask your service advisor to do an alignment and balance check at your next oil change. Proper alignment eliminates any “pulling” or “leaning” and allows for even tire wear and improved fuel economy.

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