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New State Bill Affects Car Repair & Consumers

Andy Fiffick Testifies before Senate on SB232

Rad Air’s President Andy Fiffick recently travelled to Columbus, Ohio to testify before the State Senate in support of State Bill 232. Here is what you need to know about the bill:

It Protects Consumers

Today’s vehicles require less mechanical work and more complicated, electrical work. Tougher jobs require skilled technicians and proper equipment. SB232 will require anyone who works on vehicles to provide proof of insurance to cover damage to a vehicle in the shop’s care. This ultimately protects the consumer from poor car care and any unforeseen issues due to lack of insurance.

It Protects Employees

Many illegitimate, after-hours, or uncertified repair businesses commonly found online avoid paying taxes and proper insurance s under Ohio’s Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment laws leaving employees unprotected.

It Protects the Environment

Unscrupulous shops and mechanics avoid industry-wide, national and Ohio EPA regulations regarding the proper handling of various chemicals and oils used in the business which leaves communities at risk. Auto repair shops have associated costs for the proper handling, storage and removal of these chemicals and must abide by regulations in order to protect the environment and health of the community. SB232 legitimizes the auto repair industry so shops are accountable for abiding by regulations.

It Protects the Auto Repair Industry

SB232 will ensure that Ohio’s auto repair businesses follow laws designed to protect consumers and promote competition. Consumers will be able to easily identify reputable, legitimate car repair shops who adhere to the State’s laws and regulations.

Together with the Automotive Service Association of Ohio (ASA), we hope to see State Bill 232 in the interest of customer service, safety and competition.

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