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You ‘Auto’ Know: Dashboard Lights

Auto Repair Experts Urge Drivers to Understand Dashboard Lights

Do you pay attention to the lights that illuminate on your dashboard when you first turn the key or press the ignition button? The symbols that illuminate are your car’s way of communicating with you about the vehicle’s overall health and condition. It is a good idea to get in the habit of paying attention to the different symbols and lights that illuminate. To test how much you know, take this quiz! Have your vehicle examined by a reputable auto repair facility like Rad Air to check out any illuminated dashboard lights. Taking care of problems when they first become apparent is always a good idea (and often less costly) than ignoring the problem.

Pay Attention to Color

Green or Blue – these symbols communicate information only. Example: the cruise control light will illuminate when engaged.

Yellow or Orange – indicates a particular system or component requires service soon.

Red and/or Flashing – indicates a serious problem or safety issue. Red lights should be checked out immediately.

Which Important Lights Should You Know?

check_engine_lightCheck Engine / Emissions Light: Unfortunately, this light can indicate small to potentially dangerous problems with the vehicle. It is best to have this light checked out right away.

brake_trouble_indicator_canadaBrake Light: This light indicates there is something wrong with your braking system. If could mean low brake fluid, worn brake pads, or a problem with the system. It is important to have this light checked out right away.

chargesystem:battery_trouble_indicatorBattery / Charging System: This light will illuminate when you turn on the vehicle, but if it stays illuminated for longer than normal, have your battery and charging system checked out by a reputable auto mechanic.

tire_pressure_monitor2Low Tire Pressure: This light indicates low tire pressure. The similar TPMS light stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. If illuminated, it may mean your vehicle can no longer measure or communicate tire pressure and needs to be repaired by a qualified technician.

temperature_indicatorCoolant Warning Light: Without the proper level of coolant, your engine will overheat in hot temperatures and freeze in cold temperatures. This light indicates your coolant levels may be low and needs attention. Unfortunately, this light could also indicate a larger problem and should be checked                             out immediately.


Oil Warning Icon: This light indicates the level of oil in the vehicle. The oil level may be too low to properly lubricate the engine and should be checked out immediately.

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