Simple Tip to Keep Your Defroster Working Properly

February 13, 2015

Winter Weather Tip: Rad Air Visits WKYC in Cleveland

We had the pleasure of visiting WKYC Channel 3’s Live on Lakeside show to discuss car repair and maintenance during winter weather. One tip that we were able to share with Holly and Michael was a simple tip to keep your windshield defroster working properly. Keep your windshield free of fog and moisture by clearing the area below your windshield wipers. This keeps the air intake grates below the wipers clear and allows fresh air to enter the vehicle. Without this, you might find it takes your defroster longer to clear your windshield so you can see properly.

Make sure to brush off your entire windshield below and above the wipers, as well as your lights and mirrors. It is important to see and be seen during winter driving conditions!