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Teaching Young Drivers About Car Maintenance

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Understanding Car Care Helps Young Drivers Feel & Drive Safe

Most young drivers are anxious to get behind the wheel on their own while many parents, caregivers and older siblings hesitate to hand over the keys. It can be difficult to explain or emphasize the importance of being safe on the road. Learning and understanding basic car care maintenance may encourage young drivers to drive safely, avoid distractions and behave while driving. Beyond that, understanding car maintenance will help to extend the life and performance of each vehicle. What should you talk about and explain with new drivers?

1. Fluids – Fluids help to lubricate various components and systems on the vehicle which keep them working properly and efficiently. Each vehicle has many different fluids including engine oil, power steering, brake and transmission fluids as well as windshield washer fluids and coolants.

2. Belts & Hoses – According to the National Car Care Council, 1 in every 5 cars has a worn belt that should be replaced. Cracked, loose, or brittle belts and hoses can break and cause the systems and components that rely on them to stop working. Make sure they are checked with each oil change!

3. Tires – Tires can dramatically affect your vehicle’s performance, gas mileage and safety on the road. Make sure tire pressure is checked and at the correct PSI at each oil change and during periods of extreme temperature changes. For every ten degrees in temperature outside, tire PSI changes by one pound.

4. Batteries – Have your car’s charging system checked to test the battery. Batteries are prone to failure during periods of extreme heat and extreme cold.

5. Air Conditioning – Pay attention to your air conditioner not just for comfort, but for safety. Proper heating and cooling will ensure that your windshield will defrost and keep you seeing clearly during spring and summer storms and cold winters.

Routine maintenance contributes to a car’s ability to function properly and handle as expected, which helps keep young drivers safe behind the wheel. At Rad Air, we are happy to teach young drivers as much as they want to know about their vehicle! Learning about preventative maintenance and simple car basics may develop a sense of confidence and responsibility in your young driver. Perhaps your teen is getting ready to drive or head off to college.

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