5 Quick End of Summer Car Care Tips

August 28, 2015

As summer comes to an end it’s time to start preparing for the weather conditions presented by the next season. Here are five quick tips to keep you safe on the road and ready for anything the end of summer may bring.

•Ditch extra cargo. Have toys, sports equipment, luggage carriers and extra ‘stuff’ from summer activities? Get rid of it to reduce weight in the vehicle and improve gas mileage.

• Replace wiper blades. End-of-summer storms and the fall rainy season will soon be upon us in the Cleveland and Akron area. Make sure your wipers are ready to tackle the rain!

• Check tires for wear and tear. Check your tires and determine when they may need to be replaced. If they will require replacement soon, talk to your service manager about the right tires for your vehicle, driving style and budget.

• Check lights and blinkers. Eventually the days will become shorter and there is less light during congested driving times. As more commuters hit the roads for school and work, make sure you can see and be seen.

• Restock the car. Restock your vehicle with items you may have used up during the summer including emergency and first aid kits, water, snacks, extra medicines, phone charger and other supplies used regularly to keep you safe on the road.

Although it is always sad to see summer come to an end, fall in Ohio brings many fun activities for the whole family to enjoy! Make sure you and your family can get to and from every destination safely. If you have any questions regarding your vehicle, check out our blog and resource center online. Of course, an expert Rad Air service manager is only a phone call away!