Keep Your Car Running in the Cold

January 13, 2016

car rear view mirror covered in snow
Below freezing temperatures snuck up on many of us this winter thanks to some unseasonably warm temperatures in the forecast. If you were surprised by the cold weather, here are some easy tasks that will help you take on the winter roads comfortably and safely.

• Change your battery if it’s more than 5 years old.
Visit any Rad Air location to have a Charging System check to make sure the battery and charging system is in proper working condition and will continue to start despite the freezing weather. The good news: a Charging System Check is part of many of our maintenance specials!

• Take a look at your tires.
If they seem worn, consider replacing them to make sure they will perform properly in snow and ice conditions. Ask your Rad Air service advisor if snow tires or all-weather tires are a good purchase decision for you, your vehicle and driving style.

• Switch to Winter Windshield Washer fluid.
Look for a formula that is rated for 20 below 0 degrees. Summer fluids are only rated for above freezing temperatures. Keeping a clear windshield helps you to see properly during inclement weather.

• Change your Wiper Blades.
Windshield wipers that are broken, torn or worn out will streak or jump on the windshield and are ineffective at removing snow and ice. Another safety feature, make sure you can see clearly!

• Make sure all your lights are working.
See and be seen! Perform a simple light test from the comfort of your own garage. Ask a friend to engage your brakes to make sure your brake lights are working as well.

• Stay on top of regular maintenance.
Check with your owner’s manual and make sure you service the vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Oil changes, fluid services, tire pressure fills and rotations are extremely important to the health and safety of your vehicle especially during cold winter weather.

Andy Fiffick was interviewed by Channel 19 News to discuss these very tips!
Cleveland 19 News|Cleveland, OH|News, Weather, Sports

Take advantage of Rad Air’s several winter maintenance specials to keep your vehicle running safely this winter. Use the online Appointment Scheduler to request an appointment at your local Rad Air!