Sun Safety in the Car: 5 Lifesaving Tips

June 27, 2016

Sun surrounded by clouds

Now that summer weather has finally arrived in Northeast Ohio, we are seeing a lot more sunshine. Most people know they should put on sunscreen when they go outside, but many people do not apply sunscreen if they are staying indoors whether they are going to work, staying at home, or driving in their car. However, according to a study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 53% of skin cancers occur on the left, or driver’s side, of the body. While there are many factors contributing to skin cancer, drivers should follow these tips to protect themselves from UV rays while driving.

    1. Apply sunscreen daily. Even if you are just going to work or running errands. We are exposed to sun even when we don’t realize while driving, sitting near a window, walking briefly outside and more. It pays to protect yourself when you don’t know you will be exposed.

    2. Have your windows treated. Car windows can be tinted to block up to 99% of UV rays. If you don’t like the look of dark, tinted windows, consider using clear window films and treatments to block the rays.

    3. Keep a jacket or long sleeve shirt in the car. Use the air conditioner to stay cool and comfortable and cover your skin while driving. Keeping skin covered is the best sunscreen available!

    4. Keep a bottle of sunscreen in the car. If you forget to apply before you leave, you can always apply some later.

    5. Don’t forget sunglasses and lip balm. The sun affects more than just our skin. Don’t forget to protect your eyes and lips as well!

While most of us are eager to welcome sunshine and warm temperatures, it is imperative to protect yourself from the damaging rays. Aside from skin cancers, excessive sun exposure contributes to wrinkles, discoloration, premature aging and sagging skin. Talk to your auto repair specialist about keeping you’re A/C System in tip-top shape, window tints and other summer safety tips for your car.