7 Must-Have Items to Keep In Your Car This Summer

July 8, 2016

During the summer, we’re always on the go. Whether we’re headed on a vacation, driving to and from family gatherings or sporting events, or just running errands around town, we spend a lot of time in our vehicles. It can be hard to remember to pack everything you might need every single time you head out the door. Instead, we recommend keeping these important items in your car so they are there when you need them.

1. Sunscreen – If your destination is the pool or beach, you’ll probably pack sunscreen. But there are many other occasions—a quick trip to the playground, for example—when you might end up spending more time outdoors than you planned! You also never know when a forecasted rainy day will turn into clear blue skies and sunshine. Keep a stash of sunscreen options in your vehicle so that you never have to risk being without adequate sun protection for yourself and your family.


2. Insulated grocery bag – This can be a lifesaver for transporting cold freezer items to and from the grocery store, particularly if you have other errands to run before you head home. Avoid a wet mess of defrosting foods in your trunk and keep items safely chilled until you arrive back at home.


3. Roll of paper towels – For those impromptu ice cream trips that quickly turn into sticky messes, paper towels are a life-saver. Keep a roll in the backseat just in case!


4. Insect repellant – Just like sunscreen, you may apply before you head out for a walk or a visit to a local nature park, but sometimes the need for bug spray arises unexpected. Keep a bottle in your car to ensure you’re never without bug spray on a muggy night out or on a spontaneous stop for a walk or outdoor fun with your family.


5. Umbrella – During the summer in Northeast Ohio, rain storms can pop up unexpectedly. Even if you usually carry an umbrella with you, stick an extra in one of your car’s passenger door holders. We guarantee there will be a moment when you will be very relieved to have it!


6. Snacks—that will not melt! – Remember that during the summer, your car heats up—and so do any snacks or food items you have stored inside it! Cookies with icing in the center or granola bars with chocolate chips may not be the best choice. Think crackers or nuts—anything that will not melt.


7. Spare blanket or beach towel – On a whim, you may have a picnic or decide to take a quick trip to one of Lake Erie’s beaches. A blanket can be perfect for sitting on the sand, and a beach towel will be very helpful if you need to dry your feet after walking along the shore.

Stay safe while you are out and about this summer! For your car care needs, be sure to call your local Rad Air.