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3 Signs Your Car’s A/C Is Going Out

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It is hot and muggy on your walk to your vehicle, and you cannot wait to feel the cold burst of air from your car’s A/C system. You start the ignition, turn up the A/C and… that cold air never comes. Your car’s A/C system has failed and now you’re stuck in the heat of a Cleveland summer with no reprieve. Could you have seen this coming?

While you will need a professional automotive technician to diagnose your vehicle’s exact A/C problem and suggest the necessary repairs, there are several telltale signs that your car’s air conditioning system is likely failing.

You notice a difference in cooling. This might seem obvious, but the first sign—and one you shouldn’t ignore—is a difference in cooling. Maybe you feel very faint cool air movement, but no matter how high you turn the dial, the air flow does not increase. Or you might feel air, but it is definitely not cold air. This might signal a problem with any part of your your car’s A/C system.  It could be something as simple as debris blocking the evaporator or condenser, or the compressor which is responsible for pumping the refrigerant through the system.

You hear loud noises when the A/C is turned on. Your car’s A/C system runs in large part because of the compressor.  As we noted above, the compressor helps extract hot air from your vehicle  by compressing the hot gas and pumping it through the condenser and evaporator so you can enjoy cool air in your vehicle—and it runs in a continuous cycle. Over time, this continuous use will take its toll and your compressor will begin to fail. If you hear loud noises, like a grinding or a squealing sound while the A/C is running in your car, that could be a sign that the compressor  is experiencing a problem.

You notice an oil  leak. If the A/C evaporator, compressor, condenser, lines or fittings are compromised in any way they may leak both refrigerant and compressor oil. Any leak of refrigerant or oil will obstruct the entire A/C system’s ability to function properly and produce cool air.  You may not be able to visibly tell that the system has a leak, but you will tell by your vehicle’s sudden inability to cool air. When you take your car to an automotive repair shop like Rad Air for preventative maintenance, a technician can check to detect any signs of a refrigerant/oil  leak before it becomes a major problem.

If your car is experiencing any of the above signs, take action soon to repair and restore your car, motor home or truck’s  air conditioning system. Rad Air regularly services vehicle A/C systems to ensure they are running safely and properly. Schedule an appointment for a complete A/C system inspection, including a leak check, today!


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