What If I Never Changed the Oil In My Car?

October 6, 2016

Many of us are guilty of putting it off: getting a timely oil change. It’s probably because we don’t noticeably see any effects from not bringing the car in for an extra couple miles… days… months. The reality is not getting your car’s oil changed can lead to a variety of different auto problems, the most important of which being increased wear and tear on your engine.

radair-oilchangeLike blood flowing through our bodies, oil keeps your engine running smoothly and safely. By lubricating and cooling your engine, oil keeps metal parts from scraping against one another and generating heat by reducing friction. If friction increases and your engine internal parts become too hot, they can become damaged, crack, warp, seize and break  — and you’re out a car.

The issue arises because oil eventually breaks down with time and wear, losing the properties that help it remain slippery and keep your auto parts moving smoothly. This worn-down oil also becomes dirty, picking up bits and pieces from its environment. These bits of dirt, metal, moistureand other debris make the oil much more abrasive, which damages the engine further.

Basically, oil gets dirty, and dirty oil can lead to expensive major repairs for your engine or the cost of a new engine or a brand-new car. Making that appointment can save you from a potentially major issue. Good thing Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Centers will help you get your timely oil changes to prevent a headache later! Call your local Rad Air today or schedule your appointment online.