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Consider These Vehicle Upgrades Before Winter

car driving in the snow

Winter driving can lead to some treacherous situations, especially with how volatile the weather sometimes becomes in Northeast Ohio. Snowy and icy conditions can be dangerous, so be proactive in keeping you and your family safe this winter with these vehicle upgrades.

  • Tires

Even if you don’t get snow tires, make sure the tire pressure and tread depth on your current tires is up to par. These two factors are critical in maintaining good traction and control on icy roads for the winter. Check your tire pressure at any gas station; most will allow you to fill your tires up with air for free. Always, always pay attention to your tire pressure light on your dashboard!

The “penny test” is the quickest way to see if your tire treads are too worn down. Insert a penny into the tire tread. If you can still see Lincoln’s head, you need to get your tires replaced.

  • Coolant and antifreeze

Engine coolant and antifreeze help keep your engine at the temperature it should be all winter long. Using winter as a time to check your fluid levels is a great idea. Otherwise, you may find yourself stranded in a blizzard with a frozen engine.

  • Windshield wiper fluid

Be sure to switch your windshield wiper fluid for a winter variety, which won’t freeze on your windshield. Winter windshield wiper fluid will even help loosen ice and snow, making visibility much better when driving.

  • Oil

Similar to windshield wiper fluid, oil calls for a winter change as well. A thicker viscosity oil may freeze faster than a thinner one, so ask your auto service adviser what kind of oil is best for your vehicle during the winter months at your next oil change. This will help your engine run smoothly for the winter months.

  • Emergency box

One of the most important “upgrades” you can make to your car for the winter is the inclusion of an emergency winter supply box. In case something does go wrong in your winter travels, it can be life-saving to have a pack with a flashlight, first-aid kit, blankets, radio, snow shovels, and bottled water and snacks.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle will help keep you and your family safe this winter. If you notice anything unusual with your car, bring it in to your nearest Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center, and let our expert auto repair technicians solve the problem!

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