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New Car Trends in 2017

The auto industry is always changing, keeping it exciting for car guys like us. What can we expect in 2017? Here’s what we’ve found:

Getting rid of the bling

There’s a theory that any modifications made to vehicles in the past two years will be removed, restoring modified cars to stock condition. This reversion to a classic look reflects the feelings of other nostalgic marketing tactics that we can expect in the upcoming years.

But, on the other hand, speaking of nostalgia…

Then again, there’s another train of thought that believes the flashy cosmetic enhancements of the 1990s and early 2000s will be making a comeback. Expect to see a lot of neon under glow, non-functioning spoilers and canards, vinyl graphics, and even emphasized lettering on tires.

We are progressive with some trends

With the popularity of hybrid vehicles in today’s car world, you can expect to see old cars become outfitted with electric conversions. Retro outside, current inside — it’s the best of both worlds.

Speaking of hybrids…

Hybrids and all-electric cars are so quiet that pedestrians sometimes can’t hear an approaching vehicle, raising safety concerns. The solution? Start pumping car noises through external speakers, as several manufacturers have already began experimenting.

We are sure 2017 will be a year of many more interesting car trends and fashions. But for us, the most important car trend is increased vehicle care and service. Start your new year off right by making an appointment with your local Northeast Ohio Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center!

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