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5 Issues Impacting Your Vehicle’s Drivability

Sometimes just paying attention to your car can tell you that it’s time to get it in for service.  In Cleveland, between the salt on the roads leaving those potholes we all know and love and the heat and humidity of our summers, there are many factors that can take a toll on your vehicle.  Here are 5 common issues that impact your car’s performance:

1. Worn Out Tires
When you first got your car it felt like you were riding on a cushion of air.  Now it feels like you’re driving a stagecoach in the desert.  This is usually caused by wear and tear to your tires.  It’s relatively easy to spot if it’s time to get new tires, but the first indicator would be that every time your car drives over a pebble it feels like you hit a boulder!

2. Brakes Are Screeching
If you are hearing a squeal as you ease into a stop sign at an intersection, chances are it’s time to get those brakes replaced! There are other signs as well, but that screech is usually the first one to appear.

3. The Check Engine Light Is On
As much as we’d like to just cover up that light with a picture of a loved one and ignore it, when you see that light you need to get your car checked out sooner rather than later!  There are many things that can make that light come on, but usually it’s a sensor in your vehicle that indicates a potential issue. It’s up to the professionals at your local car repair shop to diagnose the problem.

4. Vehicle Stalls Out At Stop Signs
There is no worse feeling than telling your car to “giddy up” and getting no response.  There are many reasons why your car might not be ready to move when you are.  Many times it’s something to do with a fuel injector, but it can be a more serious issue as well. If your car stalls, bring your vehicle to a certified automotive technician for inspection.

5. “Rough Idle”
Is your car stuttering and stammering through its idle? That sounds like a job for the pros at Rad Air!  A rough idle can often be an indicator that you need to come in for a tune up.

Whatever the issue may be, we are always here to help!  The pros at Rad Air are dedicating to fixing any issue right the first time, with an emphasis on helping you make the right decision for both your peace of mind and your budget.  Visit our site today to schedule an appointment at any one of our 11 Northeast Ohio and Cleveland area locations!

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