What Exactly Is A Tune-Up, And Do I Need One?

November 8, 2017

man repairing car

The concept of a tune-up has changed a lot over the years.  Originally, a tune-up was a series of procedures performed on a car to ensure that your engine was running smoothly.  As cars became more and more advanced, computers started to take care of a lot of the things that your mechanic would address with the tune-up.  Ignition timing, idle speed, fuel mixture, and many other checklist items from the old-school tune-up are computer controlled.  But don’t let terminology fool you—the term “vehicle maintenance” is the new tune-up. And as savage as wintertime can be in Northeast Ohio, you can’t afford to drive your vehicle without getting it checked and maintained before and after the cold weather.

So when should you get vehicle maintenance?

Waiting until you are experiencing an issue or when your dashboard lights up with maintenance indicators is not a smart strategy.  By that time, avoidable damage might already be done. Maintenance checks still take care of many of the issues a traditional tune-up addressed, like changing spark plugs, checking the rotors, addressing filters and assessing for replacement and checking O2 sensors.  All of these factors can lead to an indicator glowing on your dash, so maintenance can help you avoid a repair visit by eliminating issues before they become bigger problems.

Your owner’s manual will give you some benchmarks for service to adhere to.  The one thing you don’t want to do is wait too long in between visits.  Pushing it to the max on things like oil changes and maintenance visits can reduce the lifespan of quality performance from your car. And weather factors that mother nature likes to dole out in Northeast Ohio, like snow, slush, ice and extreme cold, increase the necessity of strict adherence to vehicle maintenance schedules.

Don’t risk expensive repairs on your car due to lack of maintenance.  The pros at Rad Air pride themselves on providing expert service, and never pushing a repair or product on you unless you need it.  For quality vehicle maintenance from a shop you can trust, schedule a visit with your local Northeast Ohio Rad Air.