5 Signs That Your Transmission Is Being Shifty

November 14, 2017

Your transmission is supposed to be “automatic” every time you start your car.  You should always be able to rely on it.  But what happens when your transmission starts to behave “shifty” and acts differently.  Can you trust it any longer?

Here are five signs that it might be time to move on from your transmission:

It just doesn’t sound the same anymore.
Humming, whining and buzzing are all signs that old faithful might be failing you. You may also hear the traditional “grinding of the gears” when you try to shift to a different gear.  It might just mean the clutch needs to be adjusted or replaced, but it could also mean that your transmission has to go.

The check engine light is on.
No this doesn’t mean you should panic every time the indicator appears on your dash.  Most of the time there is a sensor out or something along those lines.  But it can be indicative of a larger problem and it could be with your transmission.  Get to a trained pro immediately if you see this warning appear.

You see those dreaded puddles where you’re parking.
A transmission is a sealed unit that should never leak.  If you’ve got spots under the car, you need to see where they are coming from. Lay cardboard down in the front and in the middle of the car to find the source.  If the transmission is leaking, the fluid will range from bright red to a dark red or brown.

You’re slipping, and you can’t get up.
If you step on the gas and your car doesn’t go, or the engine just revs, that’s bad.  It might be inefficient fluid, defective solenoids, burnt clutch disks or worn gears. But it could be a bigger issue inside the transmission.

What is that smell?
If you smell a “burnt” smell, it could be burnt transmission fluid. If you notice that odor take your car to an experienced pro immediately.

The expert pros at Rad Air are waiting to look at your transmission.  Make sure you are booking regular service appointments along the way so that your car doesn’t get to that point, but if you need your transmission serviced, book some time with the pros at Rad Air to get your car back to performing like new.