How To Help Your Brakes Go Out Like A Lamb

March 28, 2018

You know the old saying: March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb. In Northeast Ohio, it’s more like “Monday comes in like a lion, then Tuesday is a lamb, and then there’s a few more lion days…” when it comes to our weather.  If your brakes are making noise like they are the king of the jungle, then you might be in for trouble.  Here are some ways to know if it is time to help your car go from a lion to a lamb with new brakes.

  1. The pads are worn out.

The giant pads on the paws of a lion are meant to last a lifetime as they pound the dirt and grass in the Savannah.  Your brake pads are not.  They wear out, and when they do, your brake performance suffers. If you look between the spokes of your wheel, you can see a shiny metal rotor. Around the edge, you’ll see a caliper, and between the caliper and the rotor, you’ll spot your brake pad. It should be at least a quarter of an inch thick, and if it’s not, you should get the pads replaced on your vehicle.

  1. Your brakes are roaring like a lion.

The last thing you want to do is send shockwaves throughout the animal kingdom every time you hit your brakes.  If you hit the brakes and flocks of birds take flight for safety, it’s probably time to get those brakes replaced.  A squeal from the sensor will let you know that the wear and tear is taking effect, but when you hear a harsh, grinding sound, that’s when you know that you’ve gone completely through your brakes. It makes it hard to stop your car and can do damage.

  1. Your car is pulling when you don’t want it to.

Have you ever seen a lion on the hunt?  They move with precision and focus, never wavering from their target.  Your car should be the same way.  When you are driving straight, you shouldn’t feel the car moving from left to right or swaying.  While this isn’t always an indication that your brakes are bad, it needs to be checked out, and new brakes could be the solution.

  1. Your car is vibrating.

Okay, no funny lion reference here, but if you feel a vibration when you apply the brake, it could be time to replace them. Generally, a vibrating brake pedal indicates warped rotors.  This usually only happens if the car has been through some extreme conditions or stress, like towing something heavy uphill.  But if you feel the vibrations, it might be time to replace the brakes.

  1. Your pedal gets temperamental.

I would imagine a lion could have a pretty temperamental disposition.  It probably only does what it wants to when it wants to, and that’s it.  Well, your brakes can be that way as they wear out.  It’s pretty obvious that when your brakes go from being a little touchy to, “oh my gosh I had to slam my feet through the floor to stop,” you’ve got to rethink your brakes.

If you are experiencing any of these lion-like symptoms with your brakes, it is time for a visit to Rad Air, where our pros will tell you if you need new pads, new calipers, or a whole new set of brakes. At Rad Air, you’ll never pay for more than what needs to be done to fix the problem right the first time.  Schedule your brake inspection today!