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Springtime Tips For Maintaining Your Hybrid Vehicle

It’s springtime in Cleveland, and after months of snow and cold, there are finally flowers poking up from the ground!  When the grass is green, and the skies are blue, our thoughts often turn to the environment, and the impact that our cars have on our world.  Hybrid cars have become a staple in the car market, and they have had great success in helping us reduce our carbon imprint.  But taking care of a hybrid vehicle is different than taking care of a traditional vehicle.  Here are some tips for taking care of your Hybrid car:

Keep a close eye on the battery.
The battery in an electric or hybrid car is vital.  You should be checking it monthly for corrosion and ensuring that the connections are tight. Also, check the water levels and make sure they stay at the appropriate fill level.

Check your fluids.
Your radiator is key in a hybrid vehicle as well.  You need to pay close attention to your radiator and keep an eye on the coolant levels. You also need to flush the radiator periodically to stop rust and debris from accumulating.

Replace your filters regularly.
Your fuel filters need to be changed regularly to keep your engine from clogging.

Tires and brakes need to be monitored.
There is a myth that the tires and brakes on an electric or hybrid car suffer less wear and tear than tires on a traditional vehicle, but this isn’t true.  Also, having properly inflated and rotated tires can maximize the fuel efficiency of your hybrid vehicle as well!  Check your brakes every 20,000 miles or so, although you shouldn’t have to replace brake shoes until around 40,000 miles.

Most of your hybrid vehicle maintenance is similar to a traditional car, and at Rad Air, we can service all of your hybrid and electric vehicle needs.  Schedule a visit to our shop today, and get ready for spring with your environmentally sensible ride!

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