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Why Should I Get an Oil Change?

Changing automobile oil

Are you unsure about the importance of an oil change? Typically, it’s not too expensive to get an oil change so that must mean that it’s not that important, right? Well, that’s not quite the case. Oil changes are a way to ensure that your car keeps running and can prevent more costly repairs. It’s not worth skipping out on an oil change to save money, because all that money that you saved may come out when a more expensive repair (that could’ve been prevented by an oil change) comes about.

As your oil gets older, it collects more and more dirt and becomes thicker. When it gets older and thicker, it loses its effectiveness and allows the engine to receive more wear and tear. The longer you go without an oil change, the worse it gets and the chance for engine damage is increased. Here at Rad Air, we recommend having your oil changed every 3,000 – 5,000 miles or as recommended by your manufacturer. Your driving habits and conditions may dictate more or less frequent changes.

So, the main reasons why you should get an oil change are these: to prevent costly damage and to keep your car running the way it is right now. If you’re satisfied with how your car runs right now, you can help to maintain that condition by having regular oil changes. As mentioned earlier, oil keeps everything in your engine running smoothly, and going without an oil change can cause major (and expensive) engine problems down the road.

Have we convinced you that you should get your oil changed? Rad Air can handle it for you. We have over 10 locations spanning Northeast Ohio, so there’s bound to be one by you. And, right now we have a special going on and it’s a customer favorite – you can get an oil change, battery load test, fluid inspection, a tire rotation, and more for only $39.95 with our coupon.


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