Top 3 Ways to Avoid Driving In a Fog

November 9, 2018

Fall is a dangerous time of year to drive in Cleveland.

Rolling fog complicates things even further.

Northeast Ohio is full of many different types of landscapes. From the urban sprawl of downtown Cleveland to the suburban settings east and west to the rural landscapes of surrounding counties, there are many different environments that can produce their own types of weather calamities all fall long.

One of the consistent challenges across all these different regions? Fog.

From the shores of Lake Erie’s waterfront in cities like Eastlake to cities further south like Fairlawn, fog can sneak up on you quickly. And often, you’ll have no time to prepare if you haven’t already.

Driving in fog is one-part diligent car maintenance and one-part good driving skill. Here are some tips for getting around without getting caught in a fog this fall:

• Replace your headlights and fog lamps.
Replacing your fog lamps in Cleveland is vital. When driving in fog, you never want to use your high beams, and because of the reflective properties of the moisture in the fog, you might want to drop down to your fog lamps in certain conditions. Make sure that all of your lights are functioning before pulling out of the driveway this fall.

• Replace your windshield wipers.
We all know how important wipers are to your car in a Cleveland winter, but what about in the fall? Good wiper blades are important – that’s because when you are driving in fog, you want to use your wipers at a low speed. If your wipers are not working well or are worn, you might be inclined to turn up the speed to make them work, and that can be distracting while navigating through the fog.

• Use your interior defrost.
There’s nothing worse than forgetting whether to go internal or external when fighting fog. If you hit the wrong option and use the external function, you might have more fog on your windshield than you’ll run into outside. Use the interior function, and then leave it alone. Don’t try to wipe away the moisture as you’ll likely make things worse!

So now that you know what your car needs to keep you from driving in a fog this fall, it’s time to head to your local Rad Air. We’ve got the headlamp and fog lamp bulbs you need to be prepared and a great selection of wiper blades to help you combat the effects of the fog. Our experts are ready to help you fight the fog. Schedule your fall safety checklist appointment at one of our Northeast Ohio Rad Air locations, and get ready for autumn in Cleveland!

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