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My Car Won’t Start, and There’s a Clicking Noise. HELP!

Broken Down Car

It’s a dreadful feeling. It’s one of those cold Ohio winter mornings, and you need to get from your house in Strongsville to Downtown Cleveland for work. You go out a few minutes early so you can heat up the car while you are scraping that thin layer of ice off of the windshield. You put your key in the ignition and expect to hear a lion roar, but instead, you hear a meager click. The panic sets in, and you realize that you and your car won’t be going anywhere this morning.

There could be several things going on with your car, depending on some symptoms. Rad Air put together this article to help you determine what’s next when your car won’t start and all you hear is a clicking noise!

If you hear a series of clicks…
This is probably a battery. Your high current contacts are trying to stay closed but there isn’t enough power to hold them in position so they are rapidly opening and closing. When there is a lack of power in the car, that means that either there is low voltage or high resistance. Your battery is probably dead, but that doesn’t mean you need to pitch it. Try jump starting and/or charging it back up, and if that doesn’t work, then it might be time for a replacement.

If the problem is high resistance, there could be corrosion on the battery, the electrical connectors and/or charging system, or even a loose cable. Before replacement, take a look at the terminals to check for corrosion and check the cables to make sure they are properly connected.

If it just clicks one time and doesn’t start…
You are at the beginning of a slippery slope. Today it’s one click. Tomorrow it’s two. The next day it’s three. Contact replacement could be a simple solution, but that isn’t always what’s wrong. It could be the starter, and in fact, that’s usually what’s happening under the hood. That is unless your engine is locked up or frozen, which is the worst case scenario. If your engine won’t start, it may be possible to get it to turn over manually. If it starts up, you’re in good shape. If it doesn’t, you’re going to need a new engine.

No matter the reason, Rad Air can fix it. No more rolling the dice to see if your car is going to start. It’s time to have confidence when you sit in the driver’s seat. Trust your neighborhood pros at Rad Air to get the party started under your hood! Schedule your appointment today!

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