Rad Air Spotlight: Dani from Fairlawn

June 11, 2019

It started in her Dad’s garage.

Now she’s Fairlawn’s Mrs. Fix it!

When Dave George and his team at Rad Air hired Dani to be the Assistant Manager, they knew they were getting a hard worker, and they knew she was great with people. Dani came to Rad Air through a relationship she developed while working for a local parts distributor, and the team at the Fairlawn Rad Air were one of the biggest customers she worked with. What Dave didn’t know is that growing up, Dani spent countless hours under her Dad’s wing in the family garage, and she soaked up all kinds of knowledge that comes in handy today.

“Growing up, my dad always taught me basic maintenance on vehicles, whether it was changing flat tires, tire rotation, oil changes, you know, basic maintenance on a vehicle. So, a lot of that stuff I knew prior.”

But what Dani didn’t know is that one day she would find herself becoming one of Fairlawn’s go-to pros when it comes to providing great service with the team at Rad Air.

So, did she know what she was getting into when she took the job?

“Honestly, I was kind of an open book and I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to be doing. I was, and still am, more than excited about getting to do the hands-on stuff I do everyday. I love working on cars, getting dirty. I like the grease!”

Well, Dani, you are in the right place! And that enthusiasm is reflected when Dave talks about his new Assistant Manager!

“She has jumped right in and started working in the back doing oil changes and anything else we’ve asked of her. She’s great with customers, and she has made a huge difference since coming on.”

And, it’s that relationship with the customers that Dani covets about her time at Rad Air. As much as she loves to be in the back working on the vehicles, the thing that she respects most about Rad Air is the way the customers are treated when they come in for service.

“With the experience that I’ve had, just personal experience with other shops, Rad Air is just a very honest company. We are very straight-forward with our customers, and we tell them exactly what they need to do to make their vehicles safe again. I like that fact that we don’t give our customers the runaround.”

And, somewhere Andy Fiffick is smiling. Come say ‘hello’ to Dani and the team at Rad Air Fairlawn!  We know the team would love to help you out with your summer vehicle inspection, so make your appointment and find out what it’s like to experience neighborhood car care with Dani, Dave, and the entire Rad Air Fairlawn team!

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