3 Reasons Why It’s COOL to Keep Your A/C Maintained!

August 1, 2019

Car air conditioning

There is a HEATWAVE surging through Cleveland this summer!


All the COOL kids are getting their A/Cs maintained, and so should you!

We do it every year. In the wintertime, we look out the window and see all of the snow and ice as we feel the cold temps, and we say to ourselves “I just can’t wait until it’s hot this summer and all of this cold weather is gone!” Well, be careful what you ask for, Cleveland, because the snow is gone, and it’s been replaced by scorching hot temperatures that are expected to break records all summer long!

So, you know when your air conditioner in your car isn’t working, but most people take the A/C and heating system for granted until that fateful day it stops pumping out cool air. Your heating and cooling system must be maintained in order to work properly. You can’t wait until the 100-degree day that it stops working to address it. You should have regular inspections and maintenance on your vehicle’s air conditioning system, but it’s about more than just your comfort. There are several other reasons why it’s COOL to maintain your vehicle’s A/C!

COOL Reason #1: Your heating and cooling systems are vital to keeping your engine cool.

While your car is running, the friction and combustion produced in the engine creates intense heat. Some of this heat exits your engine via the exhaust; however, the majority of the heat needs to be externally dissipated. In the winter, some of the heat can be recycled through the cabin (heater core) to keep your passenger compartment warm, the windows defrosted, and the engine cool. In the summertime, all this heat is dissipated through the cooling system (including the radiator) to keep the engine cool enough so it doesn’t break down!

COOL Reason #2: Regular A/C maintenance keeps your compressor working well.

One of the more expensive repairs you can have on your vehicle is replacing the A/C compressor in the A/C system. Regular maintenance keeps all of your refrigerants and lubricants at the proper level, and that can extend the life of your compressor. You can also catch small problems like blockages or leaks before they become bigger and more expensive repairs.

COOL Reason #3:  A working A/C keeps you healthy!

Not only does a working air conditioner keep you cool and relaxed while driving in the summer, it provides actual health benefits for you and your loved ones. Your cabin air filters trap contaminants like pollen, bacteria, exhaust fumes, and dust so they don’t get into your air space within the car. Replacing the cabin air filters on time can actually keep you healthier, as well as cooler during the dog days of summer.

So there you have it! Join the COOL kids and pop into your neighborhood Rad Air for air conditioning system maintenance this summer. Don’t wait until you are broken down on the side of the road to pay attention to your car’s cooling system! See you soon at your local Rad Air!

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