Here We (Stop and) Go, Brownies! Parking Lot Safety Tips

August 7, 2019

Here We Go, Brownies, Here We Go!

How to Go to Browns’ Games and Safely Navigate the Parking Lot

When the Cleveland Browns drafted Baker Mayfield, the fortunes of the franchise shifted. When they traded for Odell Beckham Jr. over the summer, there was a cosmic shift in the Universe. With that shift, comes a huge demand for tickets, which will of course lead to more fans at the stadium, and this year the fans are sure to put the ENERGY in FirstEnergy stadium! While tailgating at the Muni Lot is a blast, and the crowds make for a fun experience at the ball field, it can also lead to some harrowing escapes in the parking lot. When it’s time to head for the freeway to get home, there is a mad dash that can result in some challenging driving conditions and often lead to collisions. Not only are there choice words flying around, there are often car parts, broken glass, and plastic flying around as well. So, how do you stay safe when you are exiting the parking lot this football season? Here are some parking lot safety tips to help keep you safe.

1. Don’t drink and drive. Ever.
This should be a no-brainer at this point, but it bears repeating. Often, the collisions that occur in a stadium parking lot are the results of a long day of adult beverage consumption and the impairments that come along for the ride. Always assign a designated driver for the game and if you don’t have one, call a ride service like Uber or Lyft to get home safely. Drunk or “buzzed” driving isn’t worth it, especially with all of the options that are available today.

2. Treat the end of the row of cars like an intersection.
There is a tendency for cars to try to breeze through the ends of the rows of cars without complete stops and checks for other vehicles or pedestrians. Drive slowly and when you get to the end of a row, treat it like you have a stop sign. Don’t roll through and don’t try to “cut off” cars in the cross traffic in an attempt to get out faster.

3. Use your signals.
Turn signals are vital in parking lots. Let other drivers know what you are going to do, the communication of the road makes things easier. Don’t wait until the last second to signal. Give plenty of time for others to see your intention. And, leave the signal on until the move is completed.

4. Leave some space.
When drivers tailgate, they are putting themselves in danger as well as putting other vehicles around them in danger. A tighter space between cars reduces reaction time for the vehicles. Other drivers try to force their way into spaces that might not be adequate in a parking lot situation, so leaving that space helps you to have time to stop and let them in, and it allows you to predict their actions before they take them.

5. Be patient.
Believe it or not, your life won’t change much if you let that car sneak in front of you. Cutting off a car isn’t going to get you home much faster either. Plan on being in the parking lot for a while! You might even want to head down the street for a cup of water and a panini and watch some of the 4 p.m. games on TV before tackling the journey. It’s just not worth it to risk your vehicle or your lives trying to be the first one out of the lot after a game!

We hope the Brownies win it all this year, but we also hope that you have a well-performing vehicle to get you to the games and home safe. That’s why Rad Air is your neighborhood car care center, and we are here to make sure your vehicle is as reliable as good old #6 is for the Browns. So, for all of your regularly scheduled car care needs, come see the pros at Rad Air.

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