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Rad Air’s Merriman Valley Car Care Center should have a velvet rope at the entrance. From the many limousines serviced behind its doors to celebrity clients, like Lolly the Trolly, manager Quenton Takacs and his team have quite the clientele. But, what the team really takes pride in is treating every customer like they are a VIP. For the last 10 years, that’s exactly what customers at this Rad Air location have experienced.

Born in Africa to parents who were traveling in the Peace Corps, Quenton is the only Rad Air manager born outside of the United States. Despite his international roots, he is very glad to call Akron, and more specifically Fairlawn, his home. His roots are now planted here in the area with his partner, Tricia, providing a home base for his three daughters ranging in age from 14 to 27. Akron is home, as evidenced by his affinity for Mr. G’s pizza, which he describes as the most Chicago pizza he’s found outside of Chicago!

Quenton has extensive history providing quality car repairs in Akron, but on one fateful, snowy night in 2009, he decided to bring that experience to the Rad Air team. It took him almost 2 hours in a driving blizzard to get to the Merriman Valley shop for that initial interview. Quenton had considered other opportunities at a shop in Mentor initially, but something drove him through that wintery weather to the location he would eventually call home, and Akron is sure glad he weathered the storm!

A manager is only as good as the team around him, and Quenton has one of the best vehicle repair and maintenance teams in Akron!

Mike Urbassik has been a technician at the location for 8 years, but he’s worked with Quenton at some other facilities and that brings their total time spent together to about 18 years. That’s quite a long time to build a relationship, and the Merriman Valley customers reap the benefits. Add the experience in the tire business that Rick Murkins brings to the table, and you’ve got a well-rounded, expert staff!

Passion is the other key trait that every successful shop manager has to possess, and Quenton has that in spades.

From the first Ford Mustang he put together as a high-schooler back in 1979 to the motorcycle he rode (and crashed – resulting in a broken ankle that went undiagnosed for days!) through “The Tail of the Dragon” in Tennessee, Quenton loves anything on wheels. That passion and commitment to quality vehicles shows in everything Quenton does for his Rad Air customers.

Quenton and his team represent Rad Air’s commitment to bring quality vehicle repairs and maintenance to Akron and all of Summit County!

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