5 Things We Love About Being Cleveland’s Neighborhood Car Care Center

February 14, 2020

Father and child holding hands by car

Love is in the air.

Here’s why we love being your neighborhood car care center.

February is Valentine’s season, and for the car care pros at Rad Air, nothing gets more into the spirit of the day like the smell of fresh, synthetic oil and the sweet music of an engine running the way it was designed to. Call us romantics, but we feel that love is the most important tool in our shop, and we’ve loved working on vehicles all over Cleveland for nearly 50 years. Let us count the ways by looking at some of the things we love about being your neighborhood car care center.


We love watching your family grow.

Rad Air opened in 1975, so we are on our 3rd and, in some cases, 4th generation, of Cleveland families who depend on us for vehicle maintenance. The kids we used to see in their car seats are now coming to visit with own their little ones in car seats, and it warms our hearts. We know that, from air conditioning services to tire rotations, when you need vehicle service, you’ll be coming to us and so will that next generation in the back seat!


We love learning about new technology.

We’re car people at our core, and that’s never going to change. From new vehicles to new technology, like hybrid engines and smart vehicles, if there is a new vehicle technology in Cleveland, we’ll be the first to know about it. That’s why, at any given time, if you walk into one of our shops, you’re likely to catch any one of the service managers and senior staff in the bay, diagnosing vehicles with our team. We always want to know the new solutions that are available for Cleveland car care.


We love keeping you safe.

It’s one thing to keep your vehicle running. It’s another thing to keep you safe wherever you go. Our team is always excited to replace dangerously worn brake pads and shoes and tires with low tread and service safety features that could be the difference between you getting where you are going safely or being injured on your way. At Rad Air, we value our clients like family, and we service your vehicle’s safety features accordingly.


We love expanding into new places.

We started with one shop in Parma in 1975 and now we have 10 shops from Akron to Cleveland’s Downtown and East and West Side areas. That means that the extended family of clients that we value is even bigger. That ability to serve new places in Northeast Ohio is what motivates us to continue to grow.


We love being the team you can depend on.

We are the car care center that people trust. We only fix what needs to be fixed. If it’s not time, or if we think you can wait until the next visit to address vehicle maintenance, then we will let you know to get it on the radar, but that it’s not critical today. We aren’t in the business of taking advantage of our clients – we are in the business of ensuring your cars are running as they should, not just for years to come but for generations to come. In Cleveland, you have choices of where to go for car care and vehicle maintenance. We want you to love coming to Rad Air, because you know you’ll get service done right and that you’ll feel valued as a client.


That’s our love letter to the car care industry in Cleveland. We are here to lead the way, watching your family grow and serving your needs as technology changes. If you haven’t been to see us yet, what are you waiting for? Schedule a trip to one of our neighborhood car care centers today and find out why we’ve been Cleveland’s best vehicle repair and maintenance shop since 1975!

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