4 Signs That Your Brakes Have Had Enough

March 12, 2020

Car stopped with driver checking brake lights

Erin Go Brakes

4 Signs That It Might Be Time to Replace Your Brakes

It’s St. Patrick’s Day time in Cleveland, and that’s a big day that starts early and ends late! At some point during that day, from little ones who enjoyed the bagpipes to older folks who enjoyed a few green beverages, people will eventually have had enough and know that it’s time to head home. We call that being “partied out.” It’s also important to know when your brakes have had enough. Here are some things they might be telling you to signal that they are “partied out.”


They Are Squeaking and Squealing

As your pads begin to wear out, they will literally yell out to let you know it’s time to replace them! If you don’t pay attention, that squeal will turn into a grind, and that’s when you know you had really better pay attention!


They Vibrate When You Stop

This is your brakes literally shaking you to let you know they need help! Don’t ignore it – if your car is vibrating, get those brakes checked out immediately!


Your Brake Pads Are Getting Skinny

In this case, weight loss is not a good sign. If your brake pads look to be less than ¼ inch thick, they might be on their last few go-rounds. Time to get that checkup!


Stopping Takes a Little Longer Than it Used To

In humans, we tend to have trouble getting started with things as we age. In brakes, they have a little trouble slowing down. If your brakes don’t react as they used to when you step on the pedal, get them checked out immediately!


At Rad Air, we hope that you enjoy your St. Patty’s Day responsibly and that you recognize when you are “partied out.” We hope that for your car’s sake you will do the same for your brakes. If you think that it might be time to put those old brakes to bed, come see us at your neighborhood Rad Air Car Care Center and let us check. It might be time for new brakes, and here at your Northeast Ohio Rad Air locations, that means Brakes for Life! Check with your local store manager for details!

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