Spring 2020 Tire Health Symptom Checklist

May 7, 2020

Checking tire health with penny test

2020 Tire Health Symptom Checklist

Is It Time to Replace Your Tires?

Americans have been checking their symptoms over the last few months, and early detection and attention to those signs helped many facing COVID-19. Early awareness helped citizens prevent the spread of the virus that impacts so many. While tire health is obviously less critical than one’s health, paying attention to the symptoms of poor tire health can help you avoid potential damage to your vehicle that can be caused by waiting too long to replace your tires. Social distancing gives you the opportunity to tend to some things you might normally not have time for, and that gives you an opportunity to check your tires to see if they have any of these symptoms that might indicate that it’s time for a replacement.


Symptom #1: Your tires are failing to maintain appropriate tire pressure.

Some newer vehicles digitally track your tire pressure and will even alert you when that pressure drops below the levels suggested for proper inflation. If your vehicle is not equipped with that technology, you should buy a manual pressure gauge and check that pressure once a month to ensure that your tires aren’t losing pressure.


Symptom #2: Your tires have bald spots, cracks, tears, or cords showing.

This seems like an obvious sign that you need new tires, and it is, but this is a symptom that can only be detected visually. You need to pay attention to the way your tires look on a regular basis to check for wear. 


Symptom #3: Your car is shaking, even on smooth roads.

Shaking while on the road might be a symptom of a car that needs alignment, but it can also be an indication that you need new tires. If your steering wheel is shaking when you drive, you should immediately see a professional to see what you need to do to address the issue. 


Symptom #4: The penny test.

If your tread depth is low, it’s another way to know that your tires are potentially on schedule for replacement. Take a penny and with Honest Abe’s head facing downward, stick it into the tire tread. If you can see his entire head, then it’s time to replace your tires. 


So, you’ve checked the symptoms, and if your tires are in need of repair, the next step is picking out the right tires. In this socially distant era, that can be difficult. With Rad Air’s Tire Selector, you can get expert advice and select the tires you need without ever leaving the couch! Getting tires has never been easier. We will also pick your vehicle up, replace the tires, and drop it off fully sanitized to ensure that you are able to stay at home during this period. We want you to have healthy tires, but we want you and your family to remain healthy as well. Visit the Rad Air’s Tire Selector on our site, and leave your tire selection to us!

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