How Summer Vehicle Maintenance Gets You Ready for the Road

June 1, 2020

Driving down the road during summer

How Summer Vehicle Maintenance Gets You Ready for the Road

Rad Air Gives You the “Whys” Behind the “Whats”

Whether we are allowed to get together with large groups of people or we are staying with our smaller tribes while we enjoy the summer sun, we will probably be moving away from our neighborhoods and exploring. That means your vehicle needs to be performing at its peak in order to get you from here to there. That means summer vehicle maintenance.

There are lots of articles out there that tell you what to do, but not as many that tell you why. So, the team at Rad Air thought we might shed some light to help you understand why we do what we do to get your car ready for the road.


The What: Change the Oil

The Why: Engine oil keeps the parts in your engine cool. If they get too hot, your car will run less efficiently. But that’s the short-term effect. Over time, those parts can become warped and wear out. Not changing your oil can also cause your engine to seize or blow a gasket, and both of those scenarios can lead to expensive repairs. You can also void your car’s warranty if you don’t adhere to the oil change schedule.


The What: Inspect the Tires

The Why: You should always check your tires for wear and tear, rips and breaks, and deflation before hitting the road. Driving with poor tires can impact fuel economy and vehicle performance, but a tire that blows out can cause you to have an accident and potentially hurt you, your family, or others on the road. The experts at Rad Air can help you find the tires your car needs!


The What: Check the Brakes

The Why: Winter weather can do a number on your brakes. Worn-out pads can impact your ability to stop, and that can cause dangerous driving conditions. You can also do damage to your entire brake and caliper system that could be prevented with new pads. Safety is paramount, and brakes are vital to keeping your vehicle on the road. 


The What: Change Your Wipers

The Why: Just like your brakes, your wipers go through a tough stretch during winter. Snow and ice can wear away at your blades, and they are generally used more during the winter months. Cold weather also has a tendency to cause them to stick to your windshield which can lead to wear and tear and damage. In the summer, rain can strike out of nowhere, and if your wipers aren’t up to the task, it can seriously impede your visibility. Summer is known for quick bursts of heavy rain, and you can lose control of your vehicle quickly if you can’t see due to a high volume of precipitation gathering on your glass. Changing to newer wipers reduces the likelihood of this happening.


The What: Change Your Filters

The Why: Your air filter cleans the air that goes into your engine. The cabin filter cleans the air that goes into the inside of the car, where you and your family ride. If your engine doesn’t get clean air, it can impact everything from your engine’s performance to the air conditioner not working properly. It can also lead to musty smells inside your car. If your cabin filter isn’t clean, it can let allergens inside the car and also lead to bacterial buildup, creating unsafe conditions. 


We’ll take care of the “what” and answer your “whys” when you come to Rad Air for summer vehicle maintenance. We only repair or replace what is truly needed, so you never have to worry about getting taken for a ride. In fact, the only ride you’ll be concerned with will be the one you and your family take this summer! Schedule your summer vehicle maintenance trip to Rad Air and get ready for summer!

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