Our Top Winter Car Care Tips

December 2, 2020

red car covered with snow

Our Top Winter Car Care Tips

Rad Air Ensures Your Vehicle Is Ready to Deliver

The holiday season is here! While your “sleigh” might not be pulled by magical reindeer, your vehicle still needs to deliver this holiday season. From traveling and running errands to dropping off packages to friends and family, we rely heavily on our vehicles throughout the holidays.

In Cleveland, this season is also associated with colder temperatures and potential snowfall. That makes it even more important to pay close attention to your vehicle and be on the lookout for any signs of issues or maintenance needs. We have compiled our top winter car care tips to help you stay safe and protect your “sleigh” this holiday season!


Check your tires regularly.

Tire pressure drops in cold weather. It is important to check your tire pressure frequently so you are not caught on icy roads with underinflated tires, which can be very dangerous. While you are checking the tire pressure, also check the tire treads and look for evidence of uneven wear. You might need to shop for new tires or your tires may need to be realigned and rotated.


Have your battery tested.

Car batteries are particularly sensitive to drastic temperature swings, meaning they can easily be damaged in the heat or the cold. Oftentimes, damage that occurred during the summer is not detected until the cold temperatures arrive and place additional strain on the battery. We recommend having your battery tested several times a year at your local Rad Air. Instead of discovering the problem on a cold winter morning when your car won’t start, you will identify the issue early and can replace your battery in advance.


Keep an eye out for signs of corrosion.

Once local road crews begin to spread salt and ice melt to protect against slick roads, our vehicles become subject to corrosion. If the deicing agents aren’t washed away regularly, they will build up on your car’s undercarriage, including the frame and body. Pencil in a regular car wash for your vehicle at least once a month or following a major snow or ice event.


Check your car’s fluids frequently.

Your car contains many fluids—oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and more—that are subject to breaking down in the cold weather. If these essential fluids break down, they begin absorbing both chemical and particulate contaminants and are rendered less effective. Your local Rad Air can provide fluid services to detect and replace any fluids that have broken down, as well as top off your fluid levels.


Make sure your vehicle’s lights are functioning properly.

Vehicle lights help keep you and others on the road safe, particularly during an Ohio winter. If your tail lights go out on a dark, snowy evening, you are putting yourself and others at a significant risk. Before winter arrives, check all of your vehicle’s lights for any burned out bulbs. Bring your vehicle to Rad Air to make any necessary light replacements and check for potential electrical issues.


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We hope you closely follow these car care tips this winter. At the first sign of a problem, make an appointment at Rad Air, or contact us now for preventative vehicle maintenance. We will save your “sleigh” and get you back on the road safely this holiday season.

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