Brakes for Breasts

October 2, 2023

Rad Air Shops Participating in Brakes for Breasts

Raising Money for the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund

This October, Rad Air Akron, Rad Air Fairlawn, Rad Air Garfield Heights, and Rad Air Wickliffe are participating in Brakes for Breasts, a fundraising initiative that unites independent automotive repair shops from across the country. This effort began in 2011 with just five shops participating nationally—now more than one hundred shops are involved.

 How Does It Work?

Participating shops will provide free brake pads or shoes to their clients during any brake service. The client pays only for the cost of labor and any other parts that may be needed. The shop then donates 10 percent of that total to the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund. As a valued Rad Air client, you can help us put the brakes on cancer—and in return, we give you FREE brake pads!

Where Does the Money Go?

The money raised goes directly to supporting Dr. Vincent Tuohy’s research efforts to develop a breast cancer vaccine at the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Tuohy’s vaccine is specific to triple-negative breast cancer, the most lethal form of breast cancer with no real treatment. He has tested this vaccine in a laboratory, and it is now ready for human trials. Dr. Tuohy and his team have received funding that takes care of FDA, trials, and other costs: Our donations go strictly to research, allowing him to continue his vaccine efforts with three other forms of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, and other diseases. Since 2011, Brakes for Breasts has raised more than $1.6 million dollars for breast cancer vaccine research at the Cleveland Clinic!

How Can You Support Brakes for Breasts?

There are two ways you can make a difference!

  1. Schedule your brake service at Rad Air Akron, Rad Air Fairlawn, Rad Air Garfield Heights, or Rad Air Wickliffe this October. You get free brake pads, and 10 percent of the cost of your service goes directly to breast cancer vaccine research!
  2. Make a direct donation to Brakes for Breasts, where 100 percent of your donation will go toward supporting the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund.

If you have any questions about this fundraising effort, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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