Automotive Fun Fact: It’s a Doozy!

April 1, 2024

The Auto Team at Rad Air Examines Popular Phrase

Many people use this phrase to describe something shocking, funny, impressive or just down-right crazy. Have you ever said it? “It’s a doozy!” The origin of this phrase is unclear, but there are a few theories:

1. It could be an altered version of the popular phrase “It’s a daisy” used during the late 1800s meaning “best” or “first-rate.”

2. Some say it is a reference to a popular actress from the early 1900s, Eleonora Duse.

3. Merriam Webster suggests that it is an altered form of “dozy,” appearing in print in eastern Ohio in 1916.

4. It could be attributed to the Duesenberg Automobile & Motors Company which opened in 1913. A Duesenberg car was sometimes referred to as a “Duesy” and were said to be the most luxurious vehicles of their time.

Perhaps “It’s a doozy” owes its popularity to all of the theories above. The origin of this phrase may never be known, but we at Rad Air like to think it has roots in the automotive industry! What do you think?

Duesenberg Model J (Photo Credit: LeMay Museum)
Duesenberg Model J (Photo Credit: LeMay Museum)