Keep Your Cool: Fixing a Broken Car Radiator

April 23, 2024

broken radiator problems

Most Common Car Radiator Problems

What to Do If Your Radiator Fails

During the dog days of summer here in Northeast Ohio, everyone is just trying to stay cool—and that includes your car engine. If your vehicle’s radiator fails, not enough coolant will reach your engine, causing it to overheat. Driving with a broken or cracked radiator—and an overheated engine—is very dangerous. We recommend you contact your local Rad Air as soon as you suspect a problem with your car’s cooling system. If you have any questions, you can also speak to our customer service team.

How will you know if your radiator is failing? You may notice that your engine is overheating during normal driving conditions or that your car is visibly leaking coolant fluid. Fortunately, most radiator repairs are very common and can be easily handled by the automotive technicians at Rad Air. Let’s take a look at some of the most common radiator problems:


Car Radiator Problem #1: Leaks

Most car radiator problems start with a leak. Leaks can occur in the radiator, radiator hoses, or in the hose connectors and clamps, which are all subject to wear and tear over time. This is usually due to corrosion caused by rust or mineral deposit buildup. It is easy to notice rust on the exterior of your vehicle, but it can be harder to detect in your radiator. Keep an eye out for leaking coolant that has a brown tint.

Luckily, leaks are a problem you can avoid with our preventative maintenance services for car radiator and cooling systems. Make sure you have your radiator inspected and flushed regularly, and don’t forget about getting your radiator hoses replaced as well.


Car Radiator Problem #2: Faulty Thermostat

The flow of coolant to and from your vehicle’s radiator is regulated by a thermostat using a sensor. When the thermostat detects a certain temperature, the substance inside of it “melts” to open a valve, allowing the coolant to flow. A broken thermostat will either get stuck open or closed. In either case, the right amount of coolant is not flowing to the radiator. 

If the team at Rad Air detects a faulty thermostat, they will carefully remove and replace it. 


Car Radiator Problem #3: Broken Water Pump

The water pump is an essential component of your car’s cooling system. It can fail for many reasons, including a worn-out seal or bearing that leaks coolant or will not allow the pump to rotate. Like other vehicle components, it can also be corroded by rust. When diagnosing your radiator repair, the Rad Air team will run tests on your water pump to determine if it is functioning properly and replace it if needed.


These are just a few potential vehicle radiator problems. As soon as you suspect an issue with your car’s radiator, schedule a visit to Rad Air. Our experienced automotive technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s cooling system, diagnose the problem, and perform the necessary repairs. Our goal is to fix your broken radiator before it causes significant damage to your car’s engine. We get you back on the road safely!

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