Franchise FAQs

Answering Your Questions About the Process

If you are considering whether becoming the owner of a Rad Air Complete Car Care franchise is the right path for you, you likely have questions—we have answers. Take a look at the most common questions discussed during the early stages of the franchising process.


Do I need to be a mechanic or know a lot about cars?

No.  Our franchisees don’t need to be mechanics. However, they do need to have the skills to lead a team of great employees that will follow our Golden Rules and deliver a great car care experience.

How do I learn more?

Contact Bill Snow to start the process of exploring if owning a Rad Air Complete Car Care franchise is right for you.

How much money do I need?

As we state in our Item 7, the initial investment a franchisee would make is between $145,500 and $573,000. We’re looking for entrepreneurs that have roughly $85,000 – $125,000 of liquid capital to invest. Most franchisees look to the SBA to fund the rest of their investment.

What are the hot markets right now?

While we continue to expand in Ohio, other hot markets include Florida, Texas, Kentucky, Nashville, and the Carolinas.

Why Rad Air Complete Car Care?

With 47+ years of a proven franchise concept, we’ve built a process that franchisees can use for success. This includes our proven blueprint to take the guesswork out of advertising and marketing, continual adoption of technology, supplier discount programs, and talent acquisition solutions.

Is it hard to find employees?

No. Don’t get us wrong, it does take work to find the right team members. What we’ve done is built a culture so good that candidates are attracted to us and once they become team members they don’t want to leave.

Will I receive training?

Yes. You’ll receive 167 hours of training to provide you and your team with the knowledge necessary to run your business. This is a mix of classroom and virtual training. Our team will also be at your new service center during your grand opening and the two weeks that follow to continue the training and your on-boarding as a business owner. Additionally, during the 13 weeks following your grand opening you will have dedicated coaching provided to you.

Do I have to be an owner/operator?

Our franchisees can set up their business as an owner/operator model or as a semi-absentee owner model.

Should I be concerned with hybrids and electric vehicles?

No. Rad Air Complete Car Care started servicing hybrids in 2005 and was an early adopter of this technology by having hybrid vehicles in our fleet. Over the years we have provided our franchisees and their teams with regular training on the complex systems that exist in hybrids and electric vehicles so that we can deliver a great client experience and service their vehicle no matter what drives it.