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Your vehicle’s engine and transmission are what keeps your car moving on the road—these two systems work together to use fuel and power your vehicle’s wheels. If any component or part of either system is not working properly or efficiently, it is important to have your vehicle inspected by an automotive professional. Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission or you drive a hybrid / electric vehicle, the technicians at Rad Air Akron have the diagnostic skills and tools needed to properly diagnose and repair problems with your engine, drive motor(s) or transmission.

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Is your Check Engine light on, but you don’t know why? Is your car having a strange odor, making a grinding noise or stalling out at traffic lights? Your car is trying to tell you something is wrong—while it could be a minor issue, it could also indicate a major problem with your engine and transmission. Bring your vehicle to Rad Air Akron as soon as possible and explain any unusual vehicle behavior, from jerking or stalling to any strange odors or sounds. Our team can provide any engine or transmission services that you need, including transmission rebuilds, fluid services, filter replacements, and preventative maintenance.

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