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Most drivers never think about their exhaust systems, but this system plays an integral role in the overall performance of your vehicle. Without a performing exhaust system, the health of you, your passengers, and the environment is at risk. The exhaust system is what moves exhaust away from your car using a variety of parts like a catalytic converter, piping systems, and oxygen sensors. It serves several key purposes:

  • Keeps exhaust fumes (and pollutants) out of the cabin of your vehicle
  • Controls pollution and tracks oxygen levels in the vehicle’s exhaust
  • Preserves sound quality by reducing the exhaust noise  of the engine

If you hear a loud noise coming from your exhaust pipe, or your car smells like rotten eggs, you should bring your vehicle to Rad Air Akron for an exhaust system inspection. A rotten egg odor can indicate an issue within the catalytic converter, the emissions control device that takes dangerous pollutants—like carbon monoxide—and converts them to other substances. Any problem with your exhaust system should be diagnosed and repaired immediately. We recommend having your exhaust system checked every time you come in for routine maintenance like a tire rotation or a routine lube, oil, and filter change.

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As we examine your exhaust system, we carefully inspect every component. We will investigate any issue you have described as well as look for any signs of failure. This includes checking for exhaust leaks, replacing any damaged or failed parts, checking for blockages, inspecting the catalytic converter, checking the oxygen sensors and fuel control, and testing for contamination. Our experienced technicians will make sure your exhaust system is well maintained and performing optimally to keep you and your family safe.

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Prioritizing regular exhaust system maintenance keeps you safe, protects your health, and protects the environment. Schedule your exhaust system maintenance today.