Protect Your Car’s Performance With Fluid Services

From Oil Changes to Brake and Transmission Fluid Exchanges

Many drivers know that if one of their car’s tires is flat, they need to replace it. While it can be less obvious when one of the fluids in your vehicle needs to be replaced, it is just as important: Fluids provide a variety of essential functions in your car, from facilitating the vehicle’s ability to cool down to lubricating moving mechanical parts. Rad Air of Akron offers all of the fluid exchange services you need to keep your car running smoothly and performing optimally.


Fluid Services Include More Than Just Oil Changes

While oil changes are probably the most well-known type of fluid change, there are many other types of fluids in your vehicle—transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, power steering, differential (axle), transfer case fluids, and even washer fluid—that all need to be regularly inspected and flushed as needed. Oil changes should occur every 3,000 to 7,500 miles, and other fluids should be checked approximately every 1,000 miles or during every service visit. Here’s why:


All Vehicle Fluids Are Susceptible to Contamination Over Time

Many of these fluids collect dust, dirt, and debris from outside—and if you continue to run your vehicle with contaminated fluids, it will cause wear and tear on your engine and other components and hinder your vehicle’s overall performance. For example, when you run your car on older oil, parts like bearings and all lubricated parts can begin to fail. The oil change effectively removes the contaminants from your vehicle and allows the oil to do the job it was designed to do—lubricate and cool the fast-moving, complex parts of your engine.


Rad Air of Akron Streamlines Fluid Services for Your Vehicle

You have a lot to remember on any given day, and you might be wondering how you can track when each type of fluid in your vehicle needs to be replaced. With Rad Air in Akron, you don’t need to worry: When you bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance services, our technicians will inspect and test the fluids in your vehicle to determine when a flush or exchange service is needed. You can be assured that if you need an oil change or transmission fluid exchange, we’ll let you know and take care of the service during your visit.

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