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Akron roads can be tough. Your car’s shocks and struts should be too. That’s the reason that the shocks and struts on your car are so critical to the quality of the ride you experience. With new technology, a vehicle’s shocks and struts are designed to perform better than ever, but they must be checked and replaced when necessary.

Why Shocks and Struts Are Important

Avoid a Bumpy Ride

Here is some important information about shocks and struts from the team at Rad Air of Akron:

  • Shocks and struts are components of your vehicle’s suspension system. While shocks are a hydraulic component and struts are structural, both work together to cushion the interior and frame of your car from rough roads and surfaces. If you feel like you are being rattled around in your vehicle while driving on a bumpy road, then new shocks and struts may be in order.
  • Shocks and struts provide protection. If you have ever had to brake suddenly or make a quick turn, you have experienced the safety of your car’s shocks and struts. Accidents can be caused when your shocks or struts fail, as they affect your vehicle’s steering and control.
  • Shocks and struts are easy to repair. New technology has made shocks and struts much easier to repair than in the past. According to the mechanics at Rad Air of Akron, an experienced professional can perform shocks and struts replacement in just a few hours.
  • Shocks and struts can prevent damage. Not only do shocks and struts make your ride easier but they also prevent damage to your car’s frame. These parts provide play in the axles so that the frame isn’t exposed to constant twisting.

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