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New tires can make a huge difference in the drivability and handling of your car.

Are you starting your search for new car tires in Cleveland? The expert auto mechanics at the Downtown Cleveland Rad Air can evaluate and replace your tires with new ones that will make a real difference in your ride. While there are many tire brands, there are clear criteria to deciding what type of tires to purchase. Here are just a few things to consider:

flat-tireDo you need new tires? The best indicator that you need news tires is the amount of miles you have on them and the tread condition. Clearly, if you drive a lot for work or sports, then you will need tires more quickly than someone who doesn’t use their car as often. The tire experts at the Cleveland Rad Air location can provide assistance in deciding whether or not you need tires.

What is your budget? The cost of your new tires can be one of the most critical decision points when looking for new tires. The larger the tire diameter, the more expensive the tire. The tire specialists at the Cleveland Rad Air location can help you to make a decision as to which tire will be best for your car and your budget.

What type of weather do you drive in? When purchasing new tires, the type of weather and road conditions are things to think about. In Northeast Ohio, we see all types of weather, including snow, ice and rainy driving. For driving all year long, quality multi-season tire can help you to travel safely. For those who live in the Snow Belt, snow tires are also a good option.

Don’t let choosing new tires get you down. Let the tire experts at the Cleveland Rad Air Car Care & Tire Center help to evaluate the condition of your current tires, choose new tires based on your tire diameter and your budget, and even discuss with you about the type of driving conditions you typically encounter.

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